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USA - Brooklyn, NY

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Nick Hernandez

Director of Photography // Producer // Cinematographer // FPV Drone Pilot

Hi, I’m Nick! Owner and operator of NDH Cinema, a full service production house offering high-end cinematic video and photography. I work alongside a trusted and highly creative team of directors, producers, cinematographers and editors to bring commercial, broadcast quality content to all of our productions.

Lighting first. And then the rest.

In addition to the traditional DoP styled productions that are at the heart of NDH Cinema, we have also built our reputation on a unique set of technical skills and athletic abilities that have been time and again tested in some of the most extreme environments. From high-altitude trekking, skydiving and BASE jumping, to the front lines of Iraq, the eye of hurricanes and the luxury lined coasts of southern France. Take us with you, we’ll fly some drones.

Athletic Proficiencies:
// Climbing
// Skydiving BASE
// Snowboarding
// High-Altitude Trekking
// Advanced Runner + Swimmer
// HEAT Training

Services and Rates

Please contact us for project based quotes and custom pricing.


DoP & Cinematography

Creative direction and camera operation. Pricing dependent on gear package. Contact us for specific rates and full kit.

// Canon C300 mark iii + Canon C70
// Zeiss CP.3 & Leica R Summicron Lens Sets
// Full Lighting, Grip, Support, and Audio Package

Rate: $1000 - $3000

Drone Piloting

FPV and cinematic drone operation. Pricing dependent on gear package. Contact us for specific rates and full kit.

// FPV – Custom & Purpose Built Fleet
// Cinematic – DJI Inspire 3 + Mavic 3 Cine
// Indoor, Outdoor, Proximity, and more.

Rate: $1000 - $5000
For project-based quotes and further details regarding equipment options, please reach out. The above numbers reflect 10 hour day rates ranging from operation only, to operation with equipment and personnel supplied. Rates can be variable, let’s chat about your next project!